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Hanuman Training Guide


Give the story sheet of “Bajrangbali Hanuman” to the children and then narrate the following story.

Children, today I will begin the story of Hanuman, the God who is like a big action hero — like Shaktimaan or Superman. But let’s see how was Hanuman born and who were His parents? Hanuman’s mother was Anjani (for older children— and this is why Hanuman is also called Anjani-suta, the son of Anjani.) Hanuman’s father was the very brave Kesari. (for older children— and this is why Hanuman is also called Kesari-nandan, the son of Kesari.)

And you know what, He had a godfather too? Vayu, the wind God. Actually Vayu became Hanuman’s godfather because Anjani had prayed to Him for a strong and obedient son. That is why Hanuman is also called Maruti, which means the son of wind. And it was true! He could fly like the wind and was so swift that no one could catch Him.

Now we all know how Hanuman looks like, don’t we?! He has skin that glows like gold, and curly hair that fly in the wind as He glides smoothly in the air. He was born with two sparkling kundalas (tell the children they are earrings shaped like hoops) in His ears!

Do you remember what Lord Khishna was born with? (wait a moment for responses) Yes! He was born with shining Kaustabh jewel around His neck.

Maruti’s little palms were marked with the signs of a dhwaja (little yellow flag) and a vajra (lightening). His forehead is the impressive mark of Bhagwan Vishnu — a U-shaped tilak of chandan and a small red line in the middle with red kumkum. He wears the sacred thread, the Janeyu around His shoulders and His long tail curves upwards on which hangs a bell. And what does He wear? Hanuman always wears either red or saffron clothes (tell children it is a shade of orange) as red is the colour of strength and saffron is the colour of sacrifice. And because He is strong as thunder and as fast as lightening Hanuman is also called Bajrang Bali.

Now let’s talk about another interesting thing — Hanuman’s shakti, His Power and His weapons. Just like other Gods, Hanuman has His special weapons too. (Remind the children about Shiv’s trishul and Krishna’s chakra). Hanuman is actually a master warrior and can use all weapons, but His favourite is the gada, or the mace.

And who is dearest to Hanuman ji? It is Lord Ram. Since Hanuman is amar, or immortal, it is said that to this day, Hanuman ji goes around the world singing bhajans in praise of Ram and Sita and chanting Their holy names. A seat is always left empty for Lord Hanuman because it is believed that He is always present wherever the Ramayan is sung and Sri Ram is worshipped.

Hanuman is also called sankat mochan. Sankat means problems and mochan means the remover. So sankat mochan is someone who frees you of the problems. Children, there is another God who is also a remover of problems and obstacles. Can you tell me who He is? (Wait a moment for responses). Yes, it is Lord Ganesh, and He is also known as Vighnaharta. Remember, even Lord Ram, turned to Hanuman to solve His problems. Hanuman helped Ram to find Sita, then He helped the vanar sena to build the bridge of stones over the sea and He even flew to get Sanjeevani that saved Lakshman’s life.

And just like Saraswati pooja is Saraswatiji’s birthday, we celebrate Hanuman’s birthday on Hanuman Jayanti.


The questions asked in this section will be followed immediately with sticking the relevant picture on the activity sheet. The questions should keep to the sequence of the story. Make sure the child is able to correlate between the question asked and the cut-out handed out. Ensure that he/she places it in the correct place.

Q: Who was Hanuman’s parents?
A: Anjani was Hanuman’s mother and the brave Kesari was Hanuman’s father. Highlight name ‘Anjani’ and ‘Kesari. Stick PCO of ‘Anjani and Kesari’

Q: Who was the godfather of Hanuman?
A: Vayu, the God of wind, was the godfather of Hanuman. Highlight name ‘Vayu’. Stick PCO ‘Vayu’.

Q: What is the weapon of Hanuman?
A: Hanuman carries a gada or mace in his hand. Stick PCO ‘gada’.

Q: What is kundala?
A: Say Hanuman was born with hoop-like earrings which were called kundala. Paste CI ‘kundala’.

Q: What does Hanuman have on his forehead?
A: Hanuman has the mark of Vishnu on His forehead. Draw mark of Vishnu with gold and red pens.

Q: What color clothes does Hanuman wear?
A: Hanuman wears orange/red color clothes. Stick PCO ‘orange/red clothes’.

Q: What does Hanuman carry in his hands?
A: Hanuman has the sign of vajra or lightening and dhvaja or flag. Draw ‘vajra and dhvaja’ with sketch pen.

Q: What does He wear around His shoulders?
A: He wears the sacred thread, the Janeyu around His shoulders. Paste CI ‘Janeyu

Q: Why is Hanuman called Bajrang Bali?
A: Hanuman is called Bajrang Bali because he is strong as thunder and as fast as lightening. Highlight name ‘Bajrang Bali’ and stick PCO‘thunder’.

Q: What is the color of Hanuman’s body?
A: His body complexion is golden. Paste CI ‘gold glitter’ all over his body.

Q: What hangs from Hanuman’s tail?
A: A bell hangs from Hanuman’s tail. Paste CI ‘bell’.

Q: Who is most dear to Hanuman?
A: Lord Ram and Sita were dearest to Hanuman. Stick PCO ‘Ram and Sita’.


Each individual is special: Hanuman was special because he was born with kundalas. Even if you are not born with kundals in your ears, each one of you are special in your own unique way. Each of you have some talent right? Some of you can sing or dance beautifully, some of you are good at painting or reading and reciting poems, some of you can run very fast, while others are good at football or badminton or cricket, and other sports. So you see, all children have some talent or the other and all these talents are very special qualities. So just like Hanuman was special so are all of you in your own unique and special way.

MATERIAL LIST(per child)

1 Story Sheet
2. Picture cut-outs (a) Anjani and Kesari (b) Vayu (c) Gada (d) Ram and Sita (e) Thunder (f) Red Dhoti
3. Craft item (a) Kundal (b) Mark of Vishnu on forehead – to be sketched with gold and red pen (c) Janeyu (d) Flag (Dhvaja)- to be sketch with gold pen (e) Thunder (Vajra) – to be sketched with gold pen (f) Gold sparkle (g) Bell (for tail)

Bajrangbali Hanuman

Exercise: What is your Kundal?

Explain to the children that just like Hanuman was born with Kundals in His ears, (at this point the Instructor can crosslink that Sri Krishna was also born the Kaustabh jewel and the Srivatsa mark), each one of us is special too as we also are born with some special ability or talent. God has blessed each one of us with our very own special kundals too!!! Explain to the children that each one of us has a special talent like some of us may be good at music, or dance or art and craft, cricket or football, acting or mimicry,….. the list is endless. Now tell the children to think for a moment what they are good at. After giving the children a few moments to think about their special talents, ask each child one at a time to mention to everybody what he/she think is their special kundal. After mentioning their special ability, each child will back it up with a short performance/demonstration of their special skill, for example, if a child says that his/her special talent is dance then he/she will do a little dance for everybody. Every child will be rewarded with a token gift to make them all feel that each one of us is special in our own special way.

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