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Krishna Training Guide


Give the story sheet of “Gopis pine for Krishna” to the children and then narrate the following story.

I have told you of the love between Krishna and Radha. But don’t you want to hear about Krishna and gopis, who were Krishna’s friends as well? (sound curious) So on sharad ritu, when the night was filled with the perfume of jasmine flowers and the moon was shining brightly up in the sky (point upwards), Krishna began to play His flute (show the typical Krishna posture of crossing legs and the flute to his lips). And where was He playing his flute? Where else but His favourite place, in Madhuvana grove by the banks of the Yamuna!

As soon as the notes of his flute floated (show floating motion with your fingers) in the breeze, across the silvery sand, reached their ears, the gopis, forgot all (dust your hands off) their work and only one (show one with a finger) thought came to their mind. And what was that? How soon could they reach Krishna’s side and enjoy (say this word with relish) His company as He played the flute...And no sooner did the thought cross their mind, the gopis rushed out of their houses with their long earrings dangling (nod the head - on the day this story is told teachers could wear slightly long earrings) and racing each other as fast as they could to the Yamuna.

Krishna’s flute had put such a spell on them that even the gopis who were doing their household work, would leave it (show ‘leaving’ gesture with hands) and run. Those who were boiling milk or cooking vegetables, would leave the pan on the stove and go. While serving food, one girl heard the sound of the flute and she ran out uncaring about what her family thought (widen your eyes) of her. Gopis who were tying their hair (show tying of hair) would forget to comb it properly and run. Gopis who were applying kajal to their eyes (show lining the eyes kajal), left it on the dressing table and ran. Such was their love for Krishna that they were willing to leave everything and anything to be with Him!

As Krishna also loved all the gopis, — they were all His friends you know — He was glad to see them too. So on the silvery sands of the Yamuna, He would begin to sing and dance with them. As they danced, it seemed as if Krishna was the moon and the gopis were twinkling stars circling Him. But do you know what were the thoughts of the gopis during this time? Each gopi was sure that Krishna loved her the most! And as soon as they thought this, pride entered their hearts. And then do you know what happened? Krishna simply vanished!


The questions asked in this section will be followed immediately with sticking the relevant picture on the activity sheet. The questions should keep to the sequence of the story. Make sure the child is able to correlate between the question asked and the cut-out handed out. Ensure that he/she places it in the correct place.

Q1. Where did Krishna play His flute?
In Madhuvana grove by the banks of the Yamuna. Write name ‘Madhuvan’ and paste CI ‘flute and music notes’

Q2. What did the gopis do when they heard the sound of the flute?
They would leave all their work and run to Krishna. Paste CI ‘earrings’ on the ears of the gopis.

Q3. When Krishna danced with the gopis what did the scene look like?
It seemed as if Krishna was the moon and the gopis were twinkling stars circling Him. Paste CI ‘moon’ on Krishna and CI ‘stars’ on the gopis.

MATERIAL LIST(per child)

1 Story Sheet
2. Craft item
Music notes (3)
Earrings (4)
Moon (1)
Stars (4)
Flute (1)
Pen to write Madhuvan


True Love

Exercise - Friends forever

Radha and Krishna were soulmates….the best of friends. They greatly cared for one another. And because of their deep friendship and close association they had great impact and effect on each other. Radha’s qualities were absorbed by Krishna and Krishna’s qualities by Radha…… so much so that because of Krishna’s blue skin Radha always wore blue clothes and jewllery and because Radha’s skin shone like a golden lightening, Krishna always wore a yellow dhoti.

Does this remind you of something? Something that maybe Buddha said! Yes! Buddha also said that friends have great influence on one another and that we tend to absorb the qualities of the friends we keep and that is why choosing the right friends is so important. Remember the example of the rope picking up the smell of the fish and the parchment paper of the agarbattis????!!!

Now ask each child who is his/her best friend. After they mention their best friend’s name, ask them what is one good thing he/she has learnt from their best friend. After each child answers the above, distribute the Activity Sheet : Friends Forever and tell them that lets make a card for our best friends to show them how much we love and appreciate them. Let the children colour and decorate the cards, address it to their friends and sign off with their names. After this have them make a Friendship band (as per sample). After the card and band is made, the children will take it home and give it to their best friend as a token to reaffirm and recognize the value of a good friend.

MATERIAL LIST(per child)

Activity Sheet (Friends Forever)

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